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Retirement Services: Business

Our services for your retirement years go beyond just the administration and investment management of your wealth. We view our role with you as a partner to assist in the realization of the lifestyle that you envision during your working years. Your retirement years are to be worry-free years, and Investor Trust’s integrated wealth administration and investment management services are intended to help you set goals, plan your asset and liability structure, and determine the investment cash flow that you will need to “live your dream." Whether you are currently working or are already retired, our dedicated team will assist you in:

  • Management of your IRA Rollover from your retirement plan.
  • Administration and investment management of non-retirement plan assets including liquid financial assets, trusts, real estate, mineral interests, or other tangible property.
  • Development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of a realistic long-term investment plan and strategy to help you establish a financially secure withdrawal plan for your living expenditures so that you do not outlive your money.
  • Consolidation of your multiple investment accounts into a secure single relationship in order to simplify monitoring and understanding of the status of your wealth. Single-source accounting of your finances simplifies your understanding of where your wealth is as well as tax reporting and preparation.
  • Bill-paying, collection of retirement benefits, budget assistance, and document retention are other services that are provided to simplify your life.

Understanding and managing the financial implications of retirement is one of the most complex financial challenges you may ever have. By listening to your retirement goals we believe that Investors Trust is a critical resource to ensure that the integrated wealth management that is required at your retirement is efficiently delivered by professionals with proven fiduciary experience in working with people such as yourself.