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Investment Management: Asset Management

Balancing risk and return within the context of one’s investment objectives is the essence of sound investing. While all investments carry some degree of risk, we also believe measures can be taken to manage this risk at more than one level. Through implementation of “open architecture” investment management, Investors Trust offers resources enhancing portfolio diversification to more efficiently manage the ups and downs of the capital markets, and to minimize risks associated with the decision-making of one particular investment manager.

Professional Strategies expands Investors Trust’s internal portfolio management capabilities by providing client’s access to nationally recognized investment firms. Through our alliance with Concord Wealth Management, a leading consultant to portfolio sponsors and investment organizations, Investors Trust is able to invest your capital with these advisors.

Multi-asset, Multi-style, Multi-manager
Multi-Style Chart

Professional Strategies incorporates multiple investment managers who invest in different sectors of the financial markets. This fosters diversity of investment decision-making across various asset classes, with the objective to achieve more consistency of return resulting from this diversification.  Managing risk across the layers of investing is done by:

  • Diversifying across asset classes is a time proven risk modifier.
  • Investing across investment styles broadens opportunity for participation in favored sectors of the markets.
  • Having your capital invested with multiple investment managers eliminates single manager decision-making risk, and exposes your portfolio to managers whose style may not be in favor.
Client Profiles

Professional Strategies employs a client profile to thoroughly assess the clients investment objectives, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. Once the profile is completed an overall asset allocation recommendation is generated for further discussion and will include the investment advisors that will manage the portfolio’s respective asset classes. This is called the Investment Policy Statement.

Professional Strategies brings unparalleled depth and breadth of investment management technology to our clientèle, drawing upon a broad universe of investment managers and matching them to the specific objectives of each portfolio. The end result is a high degree of portfolio customization and a professionally managed portfolio.